Monday, February 14, 2011

Nursery Update

I'm getting close to finishing the nursery. Almost all of the small details are up. I'm still waiting for the bedding to be finished- it's a blue and white striped seersucker and blue toile combination.

Here is the view as you walk into the door:

Our over-stuffed rocker, which I know will get a lot of love over the next year:

Since the nursery is upstairs built in the old attic, the low-ceilings allow for sweet little spaces on the wall. I love the fun find "GROW" sign I got on (By the way, Etsy has been such a great site to peruse as I've put this room together. I am a fan of the idea of supporting local artists and business-owners on the site. And, I love how this room has become so eclectic with the little touches of mis-matched items.)

Check out this gem of a photo. It's Rick's grandfather, who used to be a race-car driver.

The crib is Jenny-Lind style and the bumper and crib skirt are still to come.

This is another vintage touch- Rick used the mobile when he was a baby. I think it's so sweet and fits the room perfectly. Funny enough, the music box still works and plays the same exact song as our niece's crib mobile.

The changing table was a hutch from my mother-in-law Gena. We've got all of the diaper-changing goodies out and ready for lots of work. I heard from a colleague this morning that an average of 7200 diapers are changed in the first two years of a baby's life. (I have not fact-checked this.)

I've put together a little reading nook in the corner of the room with a book ledge at arms-length to the rocking chair.

The cowboy rocker was my mother-in-law's when she was a little girl. (Do you think her parents wanted a boy?)

The boots were a Christmas gift from my brother. (He also got a BB gun for the little baby for Christmas. Um, thanks Uncle Luke. I can't wait for the neighbors to complain about Baby Jordan shooting squirrels from his window.)

I framed these pencil sketches from Rick and his sister Amanda. When they were elementary-age, Rick's mom asked them to draw what they wanted for Christmas. Rick drew a watch. Amanda, being the copy cat younger sister that she was, also drew a watch. They then proceeded to each draw their homes in the frame on the left.

The shelves hold a combination of trinkets from when Rick and I were little and new things for the baby.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I've aimed to create a quiet and calm place for Francois to grow within. We are so excited to have a little baby actually occupy the space soon!

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