Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mexican Grocery Store

Not too far from my house is a little known gem called "El Mercado Azteca".  I've recently become obsessed with a few treasures from la tienda:

These are 59 cents of pure bliss.  The pops are basically large chunks of fruit mixed with sugar and frozen to deliciousness.  I especially like the coconut and pineapple flavors.
Whereas American Coke is made with the evil high fructose corn syrup, Mexican Coke uses real cane sugar.  Combine that with the vintage feel of a glass bottle and Mexican Coke is a special treat.
Did you know that there are many more flavors of Doritos than the standard Blazin' Buffalo and Cool Ranch?  The company caters to taste buds across the globe with delicacies like Coconut Curry, Gold Pekang Duck, and Seaweed.
El Mercado Azteca doesn't disappoint with these:
 Spicy Sweet Chili and Fiery Habanero!
Salsa Verde!

Meanwhile, back at la casa...
BLACKBERRY PULLED PORK:  I'm a big fan of the slow cooker, even in the summer. I'll do anything to avoid using the oven in an old house that gets way too hot and this recipe allowed me to throw in the ingredients and leave it alone for 8 hours.  Top the pork on a bun with some pickles and everyone was a big fan of the pork sandwich.

And for those of you that a. made it thru this post and b. are only here for pictures of Palmer and don't care about the Mexican grocery store...

Here is a picture of Palmer with his 97 yr old friend, Bud.

Aunt Samantha said she took her "youngest friend to meet her oldest friend" yesterday.


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