Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hanging with Palmer

Rick went on a golfing trip this weekend, so Palmer and I flew solo.  What did we do?  Palmer turned in his man card and went wedding dress shopping.  
(Can't you tell by the above photo that he was thrilled?)
My friend Jen is getting married in a few months and we accompanied her to the gorgeous gown fitting.  
(Note: I'm under strict orders not to reveal the designer's name or the gown!)

Palmer with the beautiful bride:
"Oh my goodness.  Are we ALMOST FINISHED?"
"My mom says I'm cute."
Palmer learned how to sit by himself today.
I tried to prove it thru video, but as you can see...I'm going to need Rick's extra hand!
Palmer is also reading
 Except when he is eating the book.
And except when he gets distracted by the overhead fan.

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