Friday, July 8, 2011

Week One With Aunt Samantha

This Week's Recap
by Aunt Samantha (and Palmer)

I cannot articulate how thankful I am to have these next two months with Palmer during the day.  I start my first job in September and my start date just so happened to coincide with Palmer's start date at school.  It created the opportunity for me to watch Palmer this summer and the timing really couldn't have been more perfect!  Already in our first four days we have bonded so much and just when you think you couldn't love him anymore, he gives you that look (see below) that makes you melt.
Here is a little recap of this week from Palmer's perspective:

We started our first morning by dancing in the kitchen to Edwin McCain's "I could not ask for more" on Mommy's iPod shuffle.  I hope Aunt Samantha's singing doesn't impact my future musical capabilities since she is a little tone-deaf, but it was fun anyway.

Later, Aunt Samantha loaded me up in the stroller to take Boston for a walk.  We got about four houses down, but I wasn't really in the mood to go for a walk and every time Boston had to stop and sniff something, I got annoyed that we were being interrupted.  It was 100+ degrees outside anyway, so we just came back home.  We'll try that again another day.
Instead, we worked on my posture in my bumbo seat and talked about how we were feeling with my "facebook".

I am talking a lot these days!
Mommy and Daddy came home for lunch.  We hope they do this a lot; it's fun to see them for a little while in the afternoon.  I accidentally threw up on Mommy's silk blouse two times (today's total: three)! I'm not used to being careful with her work clothes!
We also went to Whole Foods.  I go there all the time, but Aunt Samantha thought it was fun to have me as company at the grocery store.  She says she is taking a big exam called "CPA" and after her test this weekend, she will take me to more fun places!

Between figuring out my ever-changing napping schedule, bumbo seat practicing, and "stare in the mirror" time, the day flies by!

We did manage to fit in time to make the perfect sea salt oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (Sorry, the recipe is a secret!)
I LOVED watching the mixer; the noise and spinning is AMAZING.  Maybe I'll be a chef some day...who knows.
-Aunt Samantha/Palmer


  1. I at least deserve a shout out for sharing the recipe with you! You're totally going to try claiming these! How did it go? Did you make the dough yesterday?

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  3. This is actually a different recipe :) I just added the sea salt to a secret oatmeal choc. chip cookie recipe. I want to try yours soon though too!