Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Like A "Real Boy"

Palmer really seems like a "real boy" lately.  Much more toddler.  Much less baby.
The proud parents would like to think their genius son is very close to walking.  We are encouraged by others that this is, in fact, true.

Here are the facts:
1.  Palmer frequently stands by himself for several seconds at a time.
2.  Palmer can cruise around items such as the coffee table like nobody's business.
3.  Little man loves to use anything as a walker- wagons, large cars, kitchen chairs, basically anything that he can push to help him get across the room.
4.  Palmer can easily walk if someone is holding his hands.

However, despite all of the evidence above we have yet to see an actual solo step. (And the teachers at school are under STRICT ORDERS to not tell us if the first step is taken.)

Little people also like balls.  Enjoy this video of Palmer's superb (no, I'm not biased) throwing abilities.

This face looks like trouble is sure to ensue.  Luckily, Palmer's kind of trouble is pretty fun!

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