Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We had such delicious weather last week and I was thrilled that it coincided with Palmer and I being home from work and school for the holiday break.  (Rick was home a little bit, but typically still put in full days at the office.)

Palmer and I made the best of our time and got out for a fun outing or playdate every day.

Our highlights:

*We went to the children's museum with some cousins and Aunt Samantha.
Palmer looks like such a big boy playing on the computer next to Miss Libby Grace.
*We went to the zoo with Jill and her precious niece Blythe.  Blythe was very good about telling Palmer all about the surroundings and animals.  She is very motherly with Palmer and I hope they will be sweet friends.

Palmer really liked the monorail and we talked about how the zebra looked like a "Big Dog".  (Dogs are the current obsession and I hear the word "dog!" from Palmer all day long.)
*Palmer also loved driving his new car or riding in his new wagon to the nearby park.
We've come a long way on the swings from a few months ago (below)...
...and Palmer now LAUGHS when he's swinging:
*To top the week off, we caught the last weekend of the wonderful train exhibit at the mall.  I love how Palmer interacts with his surroundings now.  
Now, it's back to the grind.  Happy 2012, everyone!

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