Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Notable Week

Brag alert.  Sorry, I can't help it.

Last week was full of milestones.  It seems like we've worked for months on some of these achievements and then in a very short few days, everything came together.

1.  WALKING:  Palmer took as many as 10 steps in a row.  It's so fun to watch Palmer get more confident and brave.  Here is a video of Palmer taking a few steps:
2.  CLAPPING:  Palmer is tickled pink with himself when he claps.  He also waved "bye bye" for the first time and signed "more" during mealtime.  Big development in the hand coordination department...

3.  SIPPY CUP:  I'm not sure what is more fun, drinking out of the cup or throwing the cup.  But, I digress.  Palmer mastered drinking water from a sippy cup and out of a straw.

4.  EAR INFECTION:  Not all milestones are fun.  This one was not.  A trip to the pediatrician confirmed that Palmer was on the cusp of a double ear infection.  Antibiotics are in effect now!

5.  FROZEN YOGURT:  All sick patients need some frozen yogurt to cheer them up when in distress. :)  Thanks, Daddy!

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