Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aunt Samantha Takes on DC

My dear sister, Samantha, moved to DC over the weekend.  We’re proud of her for transferring within her company but we’re all the more sad because she took residence in our home over the summer. We got very very used to having Samantha around. 

When Samantha’s apartment lease expired in May, she needed a place to stay for a few months.  We loved having her (and her chocolate chip cookies) in the house despite the fact that she took over not one, but TWO upstairs guest bedrooms.  And it goes without saying that Palmer just adores his Aunt Samantha.
Palmer often liked to play with her makeup and hair brushes while she got ready in the morning and was a little confused when he went into an empty room this morning.

The moving truck arrived Saturday morning and Palmer couldn’t believe his luck that a real-live truck came to his house.  Whoa.  The boy was in heaven.
Even better, the moving truck's ramp was perfect for driving tractors.
PawPaw taught Palmer how to say, "Go!" and race the tractor down the ramp.  
Unfortunately, this new word, "Go!", now applies when I am driving.  Palmer yells from the back row carseat, "Go!".  Um, yes sir...

I’m hoping Samantha's move will be for just a few short years and Palmer and I are already looking forward to our planned trip to visit her in September.
We love you, Aunt Samantha!


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