Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Horseshoe Bay

Rick and I got married in Horseshoe Bay four years ago.  
 (rain and all)
Last weekend, we visited the resort for the first time since the wedding...this time, plus one.
And (sadly), I don't mean Boston.
"Hey, guys!"
Our dear friends, Brian and Sara (and their daughter Maggie), joined us from Cincinnati for the long weekend.  

Sweet little Maggie and Palmer had such a fun time playing together.  Many people at the resort thought the two kids were siblings.  I can't imagine why with those matching blonde curls.
We had such a good trip and joked that our vacations have gone from dinner at 8pm/a night out on the town to dinner at 5:30pm/a night in the resort room watching the Olympics and eating ice cream.
The weekend was spent changing from wet bathing suits to dry bathing suits.  With a plethora of swimming pools and lakefront beaches to choose from, we swam morning til night. (What else can you do in 105 degree weather?)
Uncle Luke and Holly popped over to visit one afternoon.  Palmer thinks that Luke is just so much fun with his special tricks:
The resort schedule was packed with a ton of kid-friendly evening activities.  Roasting s'mores and playing around on the Great Lawn was a big hit.
And when we ventured beyond the resort, it was only for the finest hill country grub.
1.  We crossed off Cooper's BBQ in Llano from our Texas BBQ bucket list.
 Checking out the smoke pits:
2.  My college town's diner, the Monument Cafe in Georgetown, now boasts a recent visit from the Food Network's Diners/Drive-Ins/Dives.  We met newlywed friends Mike and Abby there for brunch.
Thanks, Brian and Sara, for coming down for a memorable weekend.  We'll meet you up north next time for another adventure!


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