Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chihuly and Pumpkins

I've been dying to see the Arboretum's Chihuly exhibit for months.
I didn't get to the Arboretum before the temperatures soared into the summer hundreds.

Now that the weather is cool again, I met my friend Ann for a two-fer: Chihuly and the incredible annual pumpkin display.

Palmer really really wanted to get into the water (dyed black to highlight the exhibit, I learned), so I had to snap this photo super fast before he went in for a swim:
And now onto pumpkin time!
Talk about a sensory overload.  Palmer had waaay too much to look at and therefore didn't have any interest in looking at my camera.
Sweet Colin and Palmer:

Once the art and pumpkin stops were completely exhausted, we settled down for a picnic and let the kids run around the mall.
Happy fall, y'all!


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