Friday, October 19, 2012

State Fair

We scheduled a state fair outing with Rick's family on the one blustery day we've had so far this season.  We bundled up and had so much fun.
Look at the difference a year can make.  Big Tex sure doesn't age, though!
(UPDATE: Since this post was written, we have all learned the sad news of Big Tex's fate.  May he forever rest in peace.)

Our little daredevil continues to amaze (and concern) us with his absolute lack of fear.  Palmer rode his first rides with the biggest grin on his face.  After one of the rides, Rick looked a little dizzy and Palmer promptly declared, "More!".
Palmer got his wish and conned Aunt Amanda into taking him on another spin with Elle. I love the sheer bliss on Elle's face.
"Dad, I want to ride the cars like a big boy!"
Rick compromised with the airplanes this year:
Rick and his sister Amanda with the cousins:
Nana and her wiggly grandchildren:
Have you guys seen the viral blog post about moms needing to be in more pics with their kids instead of always behind the camera?  I think we have that situation in our family because here is yet another great photo of Rick and Palmer:
Oh look, here I am in a humble iPhone photo with the camera strapped around my chest...
On the way out we hit up a last big winner...the tractors.  As you can imagine, Palmer was thrilled to get the chance to climb in real tractors of all shapes and sizes.  Some country folk come to the big city for the fair.  Us city folk go to the fair to get some country.

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