Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

One morning, Katie and Ann and I packed up the kiddos and went for (what we thought was) our annual Big Orang Pumpkin visit.  Sadly, we learned that the farm land will soon be sold for urban sprawl and this is our last pumpkin farm visit. :(

The boys just loved to watch the tractor pass by:
Feeding the goats was somewhat a success: fun until the goat "bit" Palmer's hand.
Sweet friends.  Despite being a year apart, Charlie and Palmer are really two peas in a pod.
Getting a good photo of all of the kids is nearly impossible.  And poor Colin didn't even make it in the frame.  Nevertheless, Palmer was looking at photos with me earlier and was sure to point out the most important thing of the photo: "Big tractor wheel, Mommy"
There's Colin!

My little pumpkin:

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