Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas

As in recent years past, we again hosted Christmas at our home.  Rick and I prefer to have Christmas morning around our own tree.  Since all of our family is in the area, we like to open the house to everyone for the day.

Christmas morning was very exciting this year because Palmer anticipated Santa's arrival for the first time.

On Christmas Eve, we laid out milk and cookies for Santa (and Mrs. Claus!) and carrots for the reindeer.
The next morning, Palmer was quite concerned that Santa left some crumbs and half a cookie.  Rick had to come up with a story about how he heard a sound in the night and went out to the living room to check.  Rick told Palmer he suspected Rick scared Santa Claus away mid-snack and that's why some cookie pieces were left on the plate.  (Whoops.)

Santa's big present to Palmer was a train table with train set.  Santa's helpers (daddy and Uncle Luke) stayed up close to midnight building the tracks.
The late night efforts were worth this Christmas morning reaction:

Another present highlight was a toy violin.  Palmer is into all things musical.  After wrapping up a violin for another one of Palmer's friends this season, Palmer had it in his head that he, too, wanted a violin.  We were all entertained with a Christmas Evening concert.
Couple that with Aunt Erin's new drum and we are well on our way to a whole band.
Palmer was over spoiled by all of the family, as usual.  Other present highlights included Curious George items, a golf bag like daddy's, and a grill like daddy's (do you sense a theme??).
By the way, Palmer gets his present-opening skills from his Aunt Amanda.  He is very excitable about opening just about anything.
The day was filled with food and family.  Aunt Samantha is home from DC for two weeks and I quickly put her to work in the kitchen upon arrival.  We prepared most of the spread for Christmas Day while Rick and Luke manned the smoked brisket. Check out her onion cutting skills.

I also challenged Samantha to replicate the December Southern Living cover cake, a red velvet and cheesecake masterpiece.  I think she succeeded.
Cousins Palmer and Elle in matching robes:
 Rick and Amanda enjoying the amazing sunny weather outside:
 We are always thrilled and fortunate to have Gigi come visit:
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas.

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