Monday, January 13, 2014

Local Tourists

Over the Christmas break, both my sister and my brother (and his fiance!) were in town for a stretch of a few days.

Looking for something fun to do, we decided to hit up a stop usually reserved for the tourists: the Fort Worth Stockyards.
I can honestly say that I have never stopped and done the touristy activities even though I lived in Fort Worth for a great number of my childhood years.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many activities we could see:
-real cattle are run thru the middle of the stockyards twice a day
-a life-size maze
-photo-ops with Texas longhorns
-rodeos and shows in the nearby coliseum on the weekends
-endless shops to try on cowboy hats and boots

We had so much fun at a trick cowboy show where we watched cowboys twirl lassos using ropes as long as 60 feet and show off their gun skills.  I've been thinking about wanting to go to a rodeo lately, but after I saw some cowboys tie up the front and hind legs of a cow to make the cow lie down, I'm not sure I can actually handle the animal spectacle.
Nana bought Palmer a Texas-themed Christmas book before Christmas called "Willy the Texas Longhorn".
Palmer couldn't believe his luck when he saw "Willy" everywhere we went.  Of course, he talked Paw Paw into $5 for a chance to sit on "Willy".
Next time, I'll be sure we don our boots to try to blend in better...


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