Thursday, August 28, 2014

Horseshoe Bay, Part 2 (AKA Camp Luke)

My family joined us out at Horseshoe Bay last weekend for another rendition of what we like to call "Camp Luke".  Basically, we all invade upon Luke's home turf of Austin and make him entertain us.

This time, everyone joined forces in the hill country region and split their time between Horseshoe Bay and Holly's nearby family lake house.

When Aunt Samantha got wind of our hill country weekend, she politely asked if I would mind if she switched her Texas visit from Grace's upcoming baptism weekend to a visit to Horseshoe Bay instead.  Not at all did I mind!  (And you just take that up with God about missing the baptism, Samantha...)

First stop: Austin's delicious Hillside Farmacy for lunch:
Second stop: reveling in a little Horseshoe Bay time before the rest of the family arrived:
We hit up an area winery for a little grape stomping.

Over the weekend, Rick and I were treated to an anniversary date night out on the town while we left the kiddos in the very capable hands of a ton of babysitters.
Gotta love the green carpet at Holly's lake house.  It's legendary in their family.  As you can see, the kids had no problems with us gone.  In fact, Palmer begged to do it for a second night in a row.  And we let him and Grace.
Sister-itas and a baby:
We had such a fun hike at Pedernales State Park one morning:
Check out Palmer's binoculars he made in Dallas at summer school.  Weeks later, they are still a huge hit.
When Palmer was born, Rick swore he would never wear a bjorn.  I was a bit under the weather for our hike and didn't have the energy to carry Grace, too.  Lo and behold, never say never...
Thanks to everyone for coming to visit us.  Let's do it again next summer!!


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