Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lake Days with Jill

Imagine my delight when the parents of my dear college friend, Jill, bought a lake house near Rick's family lake house.  The houses are about a 15-minute-drive apart, but a mere 5 minutes on a boat across the water.

A few weekends ago, Jill came to Texas and we spent a weekend with the Hogue family.
Grace and I had a "girls night" with Jill, Erica, and Blythe while Palmer slept across the lake at Pops' house.

Brenda spoiled us rotten with delicious food and an amazing chocolate torte for Jill's birthday:
Grace slept thru her bedtime on an evening sunset cruise:

The next day, we picked up Palmer boat-side.  He was so cute waiting on the dock with his suitcase and fishing pole.
Palmer got to help drive the boat back:
Rick joined us later in the day and we all had a ball enjoying water activities and the famous Hogue hospitality.
We all had the pleasure of getting to know the man in Jill's life, Kevin, better on this trip.  Of course, Palmer had no problem putting him to work on tube duty.
Miss Grace had no problem making herself at home:
Thanks for hosting us, Hogue family!

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