Monday, August 25, 2014

Three Months With Grace

Grace continues to be such a sweetie and we are just smitten.

We are in Horseshoe Bay for the month and my goal was to slow down our life a little and focus on trying to get Grace into a good nap schedule before she goes to Mother's Day Out in the fall.  Goal status: success.  We've focused on Grace and even if she naps by a pool, we've got somewhat of a schedule.
Grace hands out the best smiles, unlike her brother who was very, very serious at this age.
She loves to babble to anyone who will sit and listen:
New skills:
*Aware of arms and legs, likes to kick her legs and stare at her hands
*Plays with play mat and toys that hang overhead.
*Talking to the "friend" in the mirror

My peanut gallery in the kitchen:
*Playing with toys hanging overhead
*Sitting in the bumbo seat
*Big brother Palmer.  Grace is always quick to follow Palmer's movements and activities with her eyes and smiles a big grin when Palmer gives her a "drive by" kiss
This is a classic photo.  Grace is sleeping soundly while in the background, Palmer throws a fit in time out.
Three-month photo with Miss Kitty.  (I would share stats, but I don't have a scale or a measuring tape here at the lake.)
 We love you, Miss Grace.

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