Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Pedal Bike

Palmer has been on what is known as a "balance bike", or a bike without pedals that teaches the concept of balancing on a two-wheeler, for over a year now.  Lately, he has been hinting that he "really would like a bike with pedals".
Rick and I wanted to hold off until Christmas and gift a pedal bike under the tree, but realized we could hold off no longer when Palmer reverted from his balance bike back to a tricycle because "it had pedals".
(The above tears were because we went straight instead of turning left around the block.  Of course, duh.)

So, I picked up a bike and couldn't wait to see if Palmer could make the move from a two-wheeler without pedals to pedaling.

Sure enough, check out his first try:
Learning on the narrow sidewalk:
We quickly moved over to a park where we could spread out and have some room for learning:
Watch out, world:
At the end of the night, Palmer said, "Mom, I only want to ride this bike forever."

You got it, dude.  (If you can't tell,) we are pretty proud.


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