Sunday, October 26, 2014

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

In the past years, we've enjoyed the Owens Pumpkin Farm during fall.  Unfortunately, this city gem was sold and turned into urban sprawl.  As makes sense for a farm, we had to drive much further outside the city this year to explore the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm with friends.

Palmer y sus dos amigos, Evie and Charlie (who apparently got the wardrobe matching memo):
Tractor rides are always a hit for our Mr. Machine Man.
The pumpkin farm was complete with fun activities like a hay barrel maze and a hay ride.
 "Mom, it's so sunny out here!"
The hay ride had clever signs detailing a tale about a missing "Farmer Rick".  Palmer was very, very concerned about Farmer Rick's fate.
When the ride ended, Palmer anxiously told the driver of the ride that Farmer Rick was stuck in the hay and needed to be rescued, stat.
Such a fun fall morning with my first-born:

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