Thursday, October 23, 2014

Five Months With Grace

"Happy, happy, happy gal."  That's what comes to mind when I think about our five-month-old little baby.

Grace is truly such a joy and regularly hands out smiles that will flood light into any room.

I mean, look at her monthly photos with Miss Kitty.  These were seriously shots number 1 and 2.  Done and done.

Feet - I love this stage when the feet are discovered.  Who couldn't love these little piggies?
Jumparoo and Playing On Her Belly - Grace loves to bounce, bounce, bounce in her little jumparoo while watching the family scenery around her.  Just as well, Grace likes to play with toys on her belly.  Since she was a newborn, she hasn't liked to be on her back, but give her some toys on a blanket and she'll be content for awhile.
 Palmer - More than anything, Grace just wants to watch what Palmer is doing:
Fortunately, Palmer is equally smitten.
I can't believe he hasn't gotten frustrated with his sister one single time since she was born.  (Yes, I know that won't last.)

New Skills:

Rolling - Grace is mobile (kinda).  She will now roll to something she sees on the ground.

Solids - Grace tried her first solid- a quinoa puree.  As is typical for the poor second child, I got busy with freelance work craziness and we sorta abandoned ship on the solids.  We are leaving town for 10 days soon, so I am considering getting back into the solids when we return... Sorry, Grace... She'll be fine.  She's only 5 months.
We love you Grace.  Omg.  Next month is 6 months.  Then, 1 year.  Then, Kindergarten. Ahhhhhhhhhh


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