Thursday, January 29, 2015

Imagination Station

Palmer's imagination has kicked into high gear lately.  Every day he says something like, "Let's pretend like we are astronauts!" or "Let's play pirates!" or (one that cracked me up) "Let's play that 'Baby Jesus Game' (aka pretend like we are Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem)" 
Palmer's games and imagination ideas either revolve around favorite characters or favorite past memories.  For example, he often says, "Mom, let's play Horseshoe Bay!"  This usually involves something along the lines of him driving a jet ski to the marina for gas and M&Ms.  (Funny, I never took Palmer to the marina for M&Ms.  Hmmm.)

Grace has quickly found a spot in Palmer's role play.  Usually, she represents the baby population as a "baby dinosaur" or "baby astronaut".  But, sometimes she is the donkey (for Mary and Joseph) or the horse in a castle.  
Luckily, Grace doesn't object to her casting choices yet...

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