Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seven and Eight Months With Grace

No, I did not miss a monthly post for Grace.  With the holidays, I decided to consolidate two months into this January recap.  Thanks for asking.
Plus, poor Grace has been off and on sick for a lot of the last six weeks, so she's had a lot of downtime lately.  
First things, first...

Seven Months with Miss Kitty:
Eight Months with Miss Kitty:
Eight-month stats:
Length: 26.5"
Weight: 18 lb
Teeth: 2
New Skills:
*Army Crawling: Watch out world, Grace is semi-mobile.  Grace cracks me up because she has to be totally motivated to crawl across the room.  She will see something, sit and think about if she wants it bad enough, and then either start scooting fast or ignore it and stay where she is.
*Clapping: Palmer is always the tireless encourager in all new skills with his sister.  Grace is clapping and signing for "more".

However, unlike her brother, she isn't always interested in "more" food.  Meanwhile, baby Palmer was always ready for "more" and never mastered "all done"!

*First teeth: Look closely and you will spy two cute little teeth in the front on the bottom.
*Pulling up: Again, in the mobility department, little miss is starting to pull up.  We had to lower her crib last weekend when I all of a sudden had nightmares about her falling out.

*Activity Table
*Walker: Miss Grace used her walker to get across the kitchen the other day.  The next thing I know, she had the pantry door open and was helping herself to spices.  Yikes.  Can you sense a theme in this post?  Things are starting to get interesting.  Mobility, mobility, mobility.
*Bouncer: I'll let you be the judge after watching this video as to whether or not Grace likes her jumparoo.
*Big Kid Activities: Grace really just wants to do whatever Palmer is doing.  And so far, Palmer is thrilled to have a sidekick.  Whether the two kids drive the cart together at the grocery store or splash together in the bath, I hope they remain close friends when they are older.
Grace, we're starting to figure you out: you are sweet, happy, and deliberate. You put careful thought into your actions before you make a move.  We love you wholly and hope to profit off of your poker moves one day...


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  1. She is a star! Love reading about these milestones. Glad our little ones are sweet pals.