Monday, March 30, 2015

Palmer's Super 4th Party

Well, you know your kid is a four-year-old boy when he requests a superhero party for his celebration.
Despite Rick and my complete lack of knowledge for any of the Marvel guys, we were able to pull off a pretty cute superhero party and encouraged all of Palmer's friends to dress up for an afternoon at the park.
The weather was perfect- a beautiful spring afternoon.
Unfortunately, spring also means a lot of allergens in the air and for the first time ever, Palmer had a complete allergic reaction to something (we have an allergist appointment scheduled in the near future).  His eyes swelled almost shut and tears were running down Palmer's eyes.  Poor Palmer was miserable and we had an emergency trip to CVS for some Benadryl.
Our poor little super guy tried so hard to have fun despite his allergic reaction.
 "My eyes hurt!"
Yes, I meant to take a photo of this cake *after* a piece was cut.  That's called ART, folks.
Speaking of disasters, here's an idea: Let's line up a bunch of four year olds and then arm them with a stick.  I'm just positive that if any candy falls out of a piƱata, they will behave themselves and not all go running towards the swinging stick at the same time.
"Nobody ever lets us eat cake..."
Did I mention I forgot to pack forks?  Let's keep that between us...
Our super family.
Palmer's face more accurately describes the state of the party.
 Happy Birthday, Super Duper Palmer!!

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