Monday, March 2, 2015

The Snow is All My Fault

Listen, I just want to apologize to everyone.

You see, the northern and eastern parts of the country were getting blasted with frigid temps and lots of snow a few weeks ago.  My former colleague Kerry Sanders sent a message on Facebook asking for friends to send him an idea of where the most God-awful cold place to be in the US would be best to front his Today Show live shot.

I was a little cocky from my front porch perch on that particular 70-degree afternoon and I sent him this photo with a, "Sorry, I can't help you from Dallas today."
Well, lo and behold, I got what I deserved and Dallas was blasted with a week-long ice and snow storm.  Schools were canceled and in an instant, I was home-bound with two young children (amidst a big work project, of course!)
Despite our stir-craziness, Palmer had a lot of fun with the snow and couldn't believe we got snow and "we didn't even have to drive to the ski mountain".  Oh, my poor boy.
"Mom, come see me sled!"
Grace didn't even know what hit her:
Here's our version of the 596,429th Olaf built within the last week:
And a side note: Special thanks to Gram and PawPaw for taking the kids for 24-hours when I called crying (yes, literally) that I could not possibly get any work done with these crazies home and cooped up 24/7.
And when all else failed, we resorted to shopping the Pottery Barn catalog.  Apparently, the store's genius marketing works at an early age because Palmer flipped thru and told me that Rick and I need "a cooler bed" because our bed "hurts his feet in the morning". Um, this is the first I'm hearing of such a foot issue...
Okay, we can officially check off snow for this winter season.  Sun, where the heck are you??? Come out, please.


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