Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten Months With Grace

Our happy, happy girl (and one-take wonder!):
Ten-month stats:
Length: 27 3/4 inches (22nd percentile)
Weight: 18 lb, 12 oz (35th percentile)
Head: 43 1/4 cm (19th percentile)
Teeth: 2
We're so happy to see Grace move past the five consecutive double ear infections and emerge pain free with her brand new ear tubes.

Our sweet little patient before her surgery:
Once the infections subsided, I would say she is really starting to chunk up.  (However, we learned at her check-up that she is still pretty tiny and falls in the 20-30th percentile for height and weight.)

New Skills:

Climbing stairs: My mom and I took the kids to Zilker Park in Austin a few weeks ago.  The park has a lot of fun things to do, but Grace decided that was the morning she wanted to master stairs- scary concrete stairs.  Of course, our 10 month old has no idea how to get down the stairs...
Saying HI: If you listen closely, Grace will tell you "hiiii" from time to time.  And no, she does not say "mama".  Thanks for asking.


Toilet paper: I gotta remember to keep that bathroom door closed!
Partying Hard: This girl hit South By Southwest a few weekends ago and went all in.  We had to wheel her out.
Bike rides with Palmer: We had our first family bike ride and I took a mental note to buy Grace a helmet asap. Whoops, poor second child.

Doesn't Like:

Bows: Someone once told me that you gotta "bow train" a little girl, meaning put a bow in her hair every day and she won't pull them out.  You may have noticed, I took this advice very seriously.  But sure enough, Grace is now at the point where she is pulling out her bows.  Nooooo!!!!

Happy 10 months, sweet baby Grace.


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