Friday, July 3, 2015

Six Flags at 42 Inches

My word, Rick and I have a daredevil on our hands...

Palmer has gone to Six Flags annually with family for the last three years.  Each year, he gets taller. However, I can't say he gets braver because he is brave every year.  But, with each passing year are more ride options.

This year's headline: Palmer is 42" (barely) and can ride all but EIGHT rides.  Eight, y'all.  I mean, we're at the point where even good ole Mom doesn't ride all of those eight remaining options.
So, it's safe to say that Palmer can ride almost everything at Six Flags and didn't bat an eye at this year's new (to him) options.
Headline number two: Palmer rode Shockwave.  Yeah, the one that goes upside down two whole times.  During the ride was Palmer yelling, "GET ME OFF!!"?  Nope.  He was yelling, "THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!!"

Each crazy ride was followed by a similar routine of the following: (leaping off the roller coaster): "Let's do that again! That was my favorite!"
 Crazy kid.


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