Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life As We Know It...

A little summer update for those of you in the blogosphere who care...

1.  Grace is full-on walking.  Grace experimented with taking steps here and there for about six weeks and then one day last week, she just decided to walk everywhere instead of crawl.  She hasn't turned back since.
(And I'm so glad to get her off the ground because she suffers terrible eczema from allergens like dog hair.  Standing upright will help ease some of her itchy rashes.)

And "No, I don't cause any trouble at all..."

2.  Add Flat Stanley to our household.  Palmer earned a ticket thru the library summer reading program to attend the children's theater production of Flat Stanley.  In anticipation, we made our own Flat Stanley (green and superhero, of course)...
...and took him on a few adventures like this downtown Fort Worth outdoor movie:
Unfortunately, Flat Stanley wasn't able to make it to the actual theater production due to the utter inconvenience of being stuck in Rick's car at work.  But, Palmer told him all about it after the show!

3.  Grace grew another tooth.  It only took her 13 months(?!) to get her third tooth.  The last time she got new teeth was around seven months...

4.  We've had lots of good lake time.  Last year, we visited Aunt Jill at her family's place across the lake from our family lake house.  We had a special girls weekend again for Jill's birthday (see this year and last year's updated snap):
And who doesn't love a giant 13-foot inflatable trampoline?  We plan to bring that sucker with us to Horseshoe Bay next week!
Keep cool! I know we are trying our best over here.


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