Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Apologies

I know I have fully abandoned my blog over the last few weeks. (Believe me, I KNOW.  I am a Type A person who notices these kinds of things...)

There's been a lot going on that has taken my attention away from the blog.  I will elaborate more at another time because I want to turn my focus towards documenting December, but for now I will explain this:

We "accidentally" made an offer on a house at the end of November and thus, listed our house to sell two weeks ago.  None of this was planned.  We found a mid-century modern house with fabulous bones and plan to remodel and update it.  It has a lot of potential when we pull it out of its current 1979 state.  It is around the corner and in walking distance from the kids' elementary school.  We think it's a great investment, business decision, and fun project.  And we're crazy.
So, one of the loves of my life, my sweet 1927 Tudor, is on the market.
Second, my brother and sister-in-law birthed their first child last week.  He's so tiny and sweet and we are already so in love.
Third, Palmer spiked a 104.5 fever one week and it was scary.  (He's fine now.)
Fourth, work has been a little crazy.

Fifth, my photo software went haywire and dealing with photos has been a complete nightmare.

Enough excuses for now.  Instead, let me focus on archiving December for now.


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