Monday, April 18, 2016

Amanda's Hill Country Wedding

It was a full-on family affair for Rick's sister, Amanda's, wedding down in the gorgeous Kerrville, Texas.  We are already in love with the hill country and were tickled to get to make a road trip to one of our favorite destinations for the weekend.

Palmer checking out those country roads in a country way.  (Real men wear pink.)

My birthday was the same day as the wedding, so I had one request in the morning: to go take bluebonnet pictures.  Forget that it rained all day.  My phone weather app TOLD me that it would be clear from 10am-11am.  It kinda was...And I kinda got smiles.
Rick and I were in the wedding along with Palmer, the ring bearer.  At one point, Grace was a candidate for flower girl, but we all decided it would probably be easier if she sat this one out.
Good thing because she hollered, "Hi Palmer, Hi Palmer!" when Palmer walked up to the front.  At which point, Palmer replied loudly, "What, Grace??"  (Insert my mom dashing up and out with Grace for the rest of the ceremony.)
To further help entertain the audience, Palmer used the ceremony to balance the two ring boxes on his shoes.  When he noticed people in the audience found him funny, he then balanced the ring boxes on his head, arms, etc.
At the reception, both kiddos loved the dancing, but especially Miss Grace.
She danced from the moment the DJ started the music until she crashed and went to bed.
Although she isn't big on people trying to dance "with" her, per say.  Ms. Independent.
 Party gal...
 Congrats, Amanda and Sam (and Elle)

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