Monday, April 25, 2016

Honey, We Tricked the Kids!

The kids are currently sleeping in oversized walk-in closets in the new house.

Our remodel/construction project this summer is to bump out the roofline and transform these closets into their bedrooms.  The closets are off of a larger bedroom, which we turned into the playroom.
In the interim, both Palmer and Grace sleep in quite cozy "sleeping quarters" complete with a hanging bar for their clothes- think a closet within a closet.
Of course, these closets do not have windows, so the whole spring time change thing was quite irrelevant in our house: when you don't see the sun come up earlier, you just don't get up.  Kinda genius, frankly!

Rick and I have been amazed that the kids just went from their normal wake time of 7am to 8am.  Weeks later, they are still waking at 8am!  We keep pinching ourselves and have also kinda moved their bedtimes back a little now, too, just to help aid this new sleeping schedule.

I'm loving and enjoying our new leisurely morning routine because I know it's the last time we can do this for awhile.  Right now, preschool starts at 930am, but come next fall Kindergarten is going to be a rude awakening at 750am.  :(
And speaking of bedtime routines, I just have to share a photo from Palmer's room.  We were informed by Palmer that his best buddy in the whole world, George Monkey, turned 5 just a week after Palmer turned 5.  (Talk about a coincidence!)  Palmer was so excited all day about the sleepover he planned for George later that night.

All of the stuffed animals (and some airplanes and helicopters) had their own blanket for the sleepover.  Palmer slept on the floor right next to the birthday boy monkey, George.  I checked on "the party" about 10pm and a sleeping Palmer told me, "everyone loved the chocolate cake, mom!"
These are days of such sweetness!

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