Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Legos, Legos Everywhere

I want to jot down this moment in time so I can go back and remember when Palmer is older...
Every single morning, Palmer wakes at the crack of dawn and plays Legos in his room.  He is a morning person, like his mom, and typically plays in his room starting at 645 until I tell Palmer it's time for school.

Every day, anyone can listen carefully and hear the familiar sound of Legos scraping against each other as Palmer scours for some obscure piece in his bucket.
Special thanks to cousins Coleton and Caden for sharing an insane amount of their Lego hand-me-downs.  We really don't ever need to buy a Lego again.

The creations are wildly creative and complex.  Sometimes he uses a book as inspiration and sometimes he draws from his imagination.  
Palmer is usually disappointed when I tell him it's time to get dressed for school and come down for breakfast.  If Palmer had it his way, he would play for hours upon hours with little Legos every single day.

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