Thursday, November 10, 2016


Really a scorcher this year, I didn't worry about Grace's costume being too cold for 2016's Halloween.  With temperatures in the 90s, Grace's sleeveless leotard was absolutely perfect attire for the day.

Grace was so excited to get to wear her costume to preschool and Palmer was very jealous that he didn't have the same opportunity at elementary school.
However, Palmer did get to go trick or treating at a camping trip with Grampi the weekend before Halloween without Grace, so I don't feel too bad for him...
The kids were invited to an after-school party where lounging by the pool seemed highly appropriate for the summer temps.
Unfortunately, the party ended abruptly when we experienced a significant downside to a post-potty-training accident.  Let's just leave it at the fact that Grace left the party naked and we both went straight home to shower...

Rick saved the day by putting Grace in a fancy party dress and her favorite white dress shoes.  She called herself a princess and could not have been more tickled about her good luck.  
I amended the costume to "Shirley Temple" by the end of the evening.

We pulled ourselves together and attended an annual front yard chili tradition at the Blythes.
And the kids were off...Palmer wanted to stay about three houses ahead of us at all times and Grace tried to sneak candy throughout the entire route.
Speaking of sneaking, I had to laugh when Palmer confided in me that he hid his candy from Rick so that Rick wouldn't eat it all overnight (definitely a valid concern and I applauded his efforts).-Bethany

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