Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Little Fog...

As I write this post, I look out the window at a cloudy and foggy day.  That's a little how things have been around here.

First, some family medical issues:

My sweet 11-month old nephew, Charlie, has been in and out of the hospital for treatment of a condition he was born with, lymphatic malformations in his right shoulder area.  A three-day surgical procedure was always in the works for this past fall.  The doctors went in and drained and tried to collapse his fluid-filled cysts.

Unfortunately, the little buggers filled back up a week later, something that happens occasionally, but rarely in such a quick time period.  So, Charlie went back under for another three-day procedure of draining the cysts.  They filled again.  Doctors met together and reached out for opinions around the country on what to do next.  They decided to do the three-day procedure one more time and followed up with an intensive surgery last week where Charlie was cut open so that the cysts could be physically removed.  We are now in the waiting period where we hope that all of the procedures will take effect and Charlie (and his parents) can all get some well-needed rest and relief.

Second, my mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  A routine mammogram revealed a lump, which ended up being malignant.  She began a 18-week chemo routine last week and is more positive or strong that anyone can ever imagine.  She is a fighter and hoping to battle the entire way.  Chemo will be administered every three weeks.  And selfishly, we are glad to steal Samantha away from DC for a bit while my mom is fighting this.  Samantha is going to work remotely here in Texas and be local for mom (and Charlie) for an extended amount of time.
Couple all of this medical news with the outcome of our presidential election and I'm in a true funk.  
I'm worried abut our country's future- not only from the leadership of one human, but also how all this hate and racism and bigotry could win.  It was hard to explain to Palmer on the morning after the election that a man who had said some terrible things actually won.  
I was blind to think that Hillary was a slam-dunk and I think a surprising loss hurts more than one that is expected.  I worry about the hate crimes I see rising out of the election outcome.  And I worry about a large group of people who feel so helpless that they opted for drastic change in times of desperate need.  And I wonder how I am so out of touch that I didn't even see their desperate plea.  It's easy to live in a bubble.  I know I live in a very sheltered world where my problems can't compare.  So, November 9th was a shocking day for me and so many around me.  It brings confusion and worry and sadness.  And I now hope for the best.
And so, what have we done to rise out of this funk?  We've played and slowed down and loved each other.
We've watched movies and slept in fire engines...
We've dressed up and put our best foot forward...
 We've over-indulged in stress-eating...
 And we choose to focus on being thankful...
(artwork by Grace, age 2)
 Because love conquers all.

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