Friday, March 17, 2017

Sites to See

While in Taos, we ventured down the mountain to the town to explore the Rio Grande Gorge and a natural hot spring down by the river.

The drive to get here was so funny because we rambled along an isolated and unpaved neighborhood road for quite awhile.  Then out of nowhere, the earth dropped below us.

We hiked down the rocky path towards the river.
At the bottom sat several hot natural springs next to the Rio Grande River.  Despite the 36 degree temps, we stripped to out bathing suits and enjoyed the natural hot tub.

Another fun trip attraction was on the 11-hour drive to the mountains.  Along I-40/Route 66 highway in Amarillo, sits the eclectic art exhibit of "Cadillac Ranch".
Palmer couldn't believe his luck when some visitors shared their cans of spray paint so that the Jordans could contribute to the art...
Future vandals...

Needless to say, we got our kicks on Route 66.
 And Rick needs a selfie stick...and selfie lessons.

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