Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Six Years With Palmer

Don't mind the FIVE shirt above.  Palmer wanted to wear this on the eve of his sixth birthday because "it's the last day I can wear this shirt!"

Over the last year, Palmer has turned into (and looks like!) such a little boy instead of a young preschooler.  I guess that he is just that given his kindergarten status over the past year.  Palmer is compassionate, conscientious of others, independent, curious, responsible, and inquisitive.  He is the kid who will tell me what's going on at school and all about the comings and goings of his friends.  I often fill Palmer's friends' parents in on some of the personal details because they don't get nearly as much information!

Palmer is very kind to his sister- always making sure she is taken care of and quick to help her with any needs she might have.

Palmer has a great imagination and comes up with clever contraptions and inventions on a daily basis.  He is always quick to show me his newest "Lego creation" and his problem-solving is often very entertaining...
Overall, Palmer is a very laid-back kid who is interested in everything and easily adaptable to any situation.  He is go-with-the-flow and makes his own fun wherever we go. 
Birthday photo with Mr. Elephant:
(To compare from last year, here is Palmer at the age of five...)

Height: 3'9", 58th percentile
Weight: 53 lb, 84th percentile

Palmer enjoys riding his bike and scooter, playing outside, snow skiing, swimming, tennis, rock climbing, and anything else you throw his way.  
The whole family enjoys playing golf and tennis.  Palmer is pretty comfortable in both arenas.
Palmer likes to learn and read about Ninjago, Star Wars, space, Lego, science, and Power Rangers.
He enjoys solving puzzles, playing math games on the iPad, Legos, and has spent hours lately with Rick trying to solve the Rubik's cube.
George the Monkey is still a best buddy along with imaginary friends Johnson and YoYo.  Palmer recently made this birthday poster for George's birthday! :)
Palmer, we love you so much and couldn't imagine this world without you.  Happy birthday!

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