Monday, March 6, 2017

Big Girls Go To Dance

Grace is (everyone, please knock on wood) potty trained.  She's gone back and forth between the concept since around October.  It has been a challenging time, to say the least, because Little Miss is pretty strong willed and hard-headed.

After a long Christmas break of many, many tears and struggles, a light clicked when an incentive was presented.
Grace has been asking to go to a dance class for several months.  I always tell her she can go when she is four years old.  All of a sudden, one day I had a thought: "Hey Grace.  Big girls go to dance.  And big girls do their business in the potty.  If you want to go to dance, you have to be a big girl!"


Grace worked so hard for about two weeks and mastered the potty and earned herself a dance class.
She LOVED dance and is now begging to go on a regular basis.
There should be an opening in the studio this summer and I think we will enroll the new little ballerina who prefers to go by "Clara" from the Nutcracker.

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