Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ranch Fun

We had such a fun time with some college friends a few weekends ago at the McGuire's amazing ranch.
It was a perfect combination of delicious weather, sweet friends playing together, dad-intensive kid activities that left the mommas back at the ranch house, and kids getting old enough to "go out and play until it's time to eat!"
 Berry picking...
 So many vehicles from which to pick...
Jennie surprised us with her birthday falling during the weekend trip, but luckily the kiddos got in the know and brought Jennie a fresh bouquet of wild flowers.


Everyone loves Mr. Lloyd's tall tales when out on the hayride...

And I love little streakers/photo bombers...
One other highlight was finally visiting another college friend's family store in Leona.  Friday and Saturday nights are steak nights and a line forms outside at 445pm for the highly coveted meal.  It was so great to finally taste their charming small-town meat destination.
Thank you to the McGuires and Stoltzes for such a memorable and relaxing weekend.


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