Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hyatt Lost Pines

It's always fun to get away with some of our closest friends, especially when some of the friends moved clear across Texas and we don't get to see them as regularly.  The Burrus and Stoltz families joined us for a Memorial Day weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines.
The introductory summer holiday weekend at the resort is big business and was packed with both people and activities/entertainment for all (can you say goo-stick dance party?!).  We mostly spent our time at the waterpark and the kids enjoyed both the lazy river and the sand beach (where a nice case of sand fleas bit me all over on the last day!)
Scooters were the main mode of transportation for our gang all weekend.  They also make for great entertainment on the tennis court while Rick and I tried to hit a few balls one morning!
The all-you-can-eat buffet was the absolute best deal in town.  With so many food items and a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert, the kids couldn't believe their luck.
What happens when the parents want to sleep in and you are all in one hotel room?  You send the kids to the bathtub with pillows and an iPad! :)
Texas friends, both animal and human...
Rick read the Texas Monthly edition of the best bbq in the state and we stopped at Mueller's BBQ on the way to the resort.  I had been before, but it was a first experience for Rick.  We stayed in line for a couple of hours, but it was absolutely delicious and worth it.  Although we decided our good buddy Lloyd might make an even better brisket...
Thank goodness for the small town trains and antique stores that kept us entertained with free fun during the long wait (except I did buy some things, so maybe not so free!)

What a fun weekend and a great way to kick off our season of heat and humidity, which was on full display for the entire time.


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