Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nantucket Island, Part 1

Where do I even begin on such an amazing week-long trip to Nantucket.  Although it was our first time to the island, I felt like I returned to my motherland immediately upon arrival.  (Warning: picture overload in this post.  I couldn't stop snapping away on our trip!)
From the cedar shake shingles to the preppy vibe to the classic cars (especially the Woodys!) all over the island to the nautical perfection of island life, I felt like I was home.

We traveled with the wonderful Cordell family for the week and all of us were thrilled with the sites when our ferry pulled up to the dock.
We were especially thrilled to have made it given our hellacious path to get there- an unexpected and freezing red eye flight with two children when storms forced our plane to depart from Dallas six hours late and make an extra stop in Florida to pick up a flight crew due to overtime issues.
The kids actually did spectacular given the circumstances (and I would say Rick struggled with it the most of anyone!) We finally got to our Boston airport hotel around 730am and had a two-hour family power nap before trekking on to Cape Cod and then our ferry to the island.

A pizza dinner on the wharf never tasted so good.  We were exhausted and hungry!
Our house for the week was situated in a lovely neighborhood with plenty of space to bike, tennis courts, and was located about 20-minutes via bike to the town of Siasconset.
Outdoor shower anyone? I spy a little boy...
We were also close to one of the beaches, even though the temperatures ranged from chilly to down-right cold while we were there.
Nevertheless, our four children braved the cool water one sunny day and stripped down for a quick dip at the Madaket beach.

Adulting...drinking hard lemonade out of a can while watching the littles.
There are three lighthouses on the island and we hit up all three by the end of the week.  Lighthouse number 1: the Sankaty Lighthouse.  It's so fun to imagine a lighthouse keeper living here year-round for the safety of the boaters out at sea.
Like father, like son.  Oh wait, wrong dad...
Daily trips to the "Juice Bar".  It's super healthy.  haha
On one of the colder and rainy days, we headed downtown to check out the whaling museum.  It was so interesting to learn about the wealth the island created thru sales from the dangerous whaling industry.  Entrepreneurs would sell the valuable whale oil or turn it into candles along with other profitable items.
Reading Moby Dick and other fun whale books in the adorable children's nook.  Perfect for a rainy day.
 Cold weather don't stop us...
How many miles from Nantucket to....
(I especially love that Mackinac Island is mentioned on this mural because it's another favorite for the Jordan and Cordell families.)
I'm going to end this post here for now, but don't worry.  There are many more pictures to come in part 2!


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