Thursday, June 1, 2017

Grace's Third Birthday Tea Party

I went all girly and embraced Grace's third birthday with a sweet tea party theme.  
Can I just say one more time that I am so enjoying the "every other year for a party" thing going on around here? I love the anticipation of the child who has the party and it's so fun to pour the creative juices into just one event a year.
PS I MADE this cake! I was super proud because we all know my sister got the baker and creative cake genes in the family.
The girls started the party with some hat making.  (Whose idea was it to give them markers combined with their party dresses??)
Bounce house fun...
And some very random joke telling(?!) from Palmer's perch...
Our little ladies were so well-mannered with their spots of tea.  It was especially special to use some of my grandmother's tea pots and tea cups from her longstanding collection.
A special thanks to our older sibling wait staff, Palmer, Henry, and Ruby.
Happy birthday, sweet Grace.  We can't believe you are three!

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