Monday, November 28, 2011

Eight Months

The monthly photo shoots are getting more and more challenging each time.  I had great difficulty getting Palmer to sit for the photo.
Height: 28"
Weight: 22.5 pounds

*Rings (Palmer has one in his hand almost all the time.)
*Dropping the ring (and other objects) on purpose so that you will pick it up.
*Doing a "high five" on command.
*Electrical Cords (We are trying to break this addiction.)

*Mommy and Daddy (Palmer is starting to get a little separation anxiety.)
*Remote controls

*Learning table
*Fans (Fans have been a long-time favorite and yet to get old.)

Also, notice the way Palmer's hair is curling these days.  I think somebody is going to have his daddy's hair.
Happy eight months, Palmer!

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