Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whoa.  We are costumed out after the last week of Halloween activities.  I mentioned earlier that Halloween costumes might be a scam for an infant because I had a hard time choosing just one for the first year.

My playgroup gathered the babies up for costumes.  I used this outdoor occasion to pull out an amazing inherited family costume, the parrot:
This costume is hilarious, but sheds crazy plumage.  There's no way I could bring the parrot costume into the house without a massive feather trail!  The typically active Palmer sat perfectly still as if he was frozen in place and couldn't find his arms and legs.

Mr. Frankenstein wandered down to the neighborhood party with his friend Skippy, the three-legged dog.

 Skippy dressed as a pirate, complete with a newfound peg leg he happily carried in his mouth.

PUMPKIN PAINTING: I tried to use Palmer's handprint to make vine leaves for the pumpkin.  (The idea was probably better in theory, but oh well.)
You can tell that Palmer was thrilled with the idea:

Our little Junior Mint made the rounds at church.

(And finally) HALLOWEEN NIGHT:
Palmer and I were sick in bed with a stomach bug all day, but rested up so that we could briefly walk around the neighborhood and trick or treat.

I decided that the one thing that Palmer loves more than anything else in life is...Boston.  So, we dressed Palmer as Boston and Boston as Palmer:

Happy Halloween!

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