Thursday, April 12, 2012


Although last year was technically Palmer's first Easter, the child was a mere few weeks old.  Last year's Easter was a haze of sleep-deprivation and major family adjustment. 

This year was so much fun because Palmer is now big enough to participate in Easter egg hunts.  Palmer comprehends that the eggs need to go into the basket.

However, he does not understand that there are treats inside of the eggs.  When Palmer has enough eggs in his basket, he quickly dumps over the basket and starts again on the refilling process.

Last week, Palmer and I went with some playgroup friends to a sorority alumni hunt.
Palmer liked the petting zoo at the egg hunt and told me all about the "dogs" that he saw.
We also went to a hunt over the weekend at the country club.
"Dad, why are you eating my candy?"
Palmer checked out the bounce house and enjoyed the blow-up until some bigger kids got in and startled him.
Nana joined us on Easter Sunday for church and brunch in the morning:
Our neighborhood is known for its Easter Sunday afternoon parade.  What is typically a block party complete with bounce houses and a DJ turned into a big soggy mess due to scattered showers throughout the afternoon.  Nevertheless, people turned out to cheer on the parade donned with their rain jackets.  We spent the afternoon protected from the rain by a friend's covered porch.
And Scott Taylor out-did himself again this year with another Macy's parade style balloon.  This year's concoction: a golden chocolate bunny.  Rick was one of the parade handlers.

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