Saturday, April 28, 2012


Palmer isn't a major fan of the bath.  He doesn't hate it, but he isn't one of those kids who LOVES to play around during bath time.  So, I have been wondering how he would take to the swimming pool this year.

My friend Remy and I took advantage of my sister's condo pool since the official pools don't open for another month.

A little poolside cocktail before heading in:
The verdict: the pool is very very fun! Palmer had a blast.

The boy is fearless and immediately started walking around the shallow end.  He didn't realize that it might be challenging to walk thru the water and quickly fell back onto his back in the 1-foot-deep water.  I could see him thru the water with wide eyes not knowing what to do before I scooped him up.

Palmer seemed pretty unfazed by going under the water.  However, he was a bit more cautious and not as quick to leave my side when playing with his water toys.
I am looking forward to swimming lessons starting next week so that we can properly teach Palmer how to deal with the underwater situation.

And because it's bathing suit season, here are some healthy meal favorites...

SPINACH QUINOA SALAD WITH ROASTED GRAPES: You know it's almost summer if we are busting out the quinoa with fruits and veggies again.  Yay for getting away from the heavier winter food!  Try this light salad loaded fresh with spinach, roasted grapes and pears, and almonds.  I serve it just a tad warmer than room temp.  And Rick likes to ruin the healthiness by throwing in some Andouille sausage.  To each their own, I guess.

YOGURT RASPBERRIES:  So simple and so good.  Stuff yogurt chips or white chocolate chips in raspberries for a great healthy(ish) afternoon snack.  Rick and I agree to disagree on how to serve the berries: I prefer frozen and he votes for room temperature.  Either way, they are a winner.
WHOLE MILK:  I feel obligated to document for my own purposes that Palmer has moved 100% from formula to whole milk.
There, documented.  Check.


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