Monday, April 23, 2012

Energy to Burn

I don't have the kind of son who sits still.  Most of my photos these days are blurry like above because Palmer is in motion. (Hint, hint: I also need a faster new camera!)

Little man is just too busy and ALWAYS on the move.  Rick and I spend most of our time chasing, chasing, chasing.  And since Palmer now thinks he can run, we are moving faster and faster.

For example, here is a typical one hour in Palmer's world.  (Note: we were at Palmer's friend's first birthday party for this sample hour.)

3:37pm: "Ooooh, I love this water table!  It's so fun!"
3:45pm: "Wait, daddy, forget the water table.  Check this cool pool out instead!!  See, I can get IN it."
3:47pm: Rick, "No, Palmer you can't get in it, but we can look at it from the side."
Minutes 3:48pm thru 3:59pm consisted of going back and forth between the back deck and the pool.  Palmer was pretty sure he could've swam if we gave him a chance!

Look at that face.  He is not pleased that Rick went to retrieve him from the pool, again.
4:00pm: Back to the water table, but you can tell that Palmer now has his eyes on the bigger prize, the swimming pool!  Notice how sweet Harrison is STILL at the water table playing happily.  Love that content kid.
4:06pm: "Wait, what's that I see over there?"
4:08pm: "YEAH, that's what I thought!  A golf course.  Dad, where are my clubs?? I definitely need my clubs."
4:10pm Quick break.  Gotta ditch the hat.
4:14pm Time to go inside.  "Ooooh.  Look at this fun piano!"
4:20pm  "Mom and dad, are you tired yet because I'm not!"
Welcome to my life.  Whew.  I wonder why I even bother working out.  If you can't tell, chasing Palmer does the trick!


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