Monday, April 16, 2012


My sweet godmother came to visit from Michigan and we decided to round up Gram to visit the zoo.
I had high hopes for the animals from Palmer's board books to come alive right in front of his eyes.  (I mean, we talk about "what does a horse, cow, duck, etc. say" ALL THE TIME!)

What did Palmer enjoy at the zoo?  Giraffes?  Nah.  Too far away.

Elephants?  Nah.  He couldn't get past the pond in front of the elephants.

Tigers?  Nah.  The waterfall was much better.

The fish?  YES!
Well, at least until a school group came to look at the fish.  Then, Palmer thought the kids were way more interesting.
Petting zoo?  Of course!  And you can bet Palmer called the poor chicken a "dog".
Maybe next time Palmer will be curious about the animals, but for now he had a blast with the grass, fence, water, and of course, Gram and GodMary.


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