Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lake House

Rick went out to the lake house last weekend and came back with stories about Palmer's first boat ride.  Rick said Palmer was content as long as he was tucked away safely in Rick's lap.  Otherwise, he was terrified.
Palmer (aka Dad, which I think is really aka Pops) caught his first fish, but I hear he didn't help with pulling the hook out of the fish's mouth.
Elle and Palmer had a ball together, until they had to share a seat at the dinner table.  Then, Elle was sure to tattle on Palmer and his messy eating habits.  She kept telling Rick and Nana, "Palmer making mess.  Hey.  Palmer making mess."  
I'm sure the dogs had a feast of floor scraps after Palmer and Elle were finished at the picnic table.

And speaking of messes, check out the hand smudges on the back door of the lake house.  Poor GG.  I'm sure she had her Windex out as soon as everyone left.  Sorry about that, GG.
Rick took Palmer to the lake by himself so that I could have some pre-Mother's Day alone time. Interestingly enough, my girly plans were canceled at the last minute and I found myself at home alone.  When everyone is driving me crazy, I dream of some time to myself.  But, while the boys were gone, I discovered I actually missed them and couldn't wait for their return.  It's a good lesson to realize how good I really have it.


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