Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swimming Lessons

We started swimming lessons last weekend with about six other families from our playgroup.  I feel bad for the families that aren't in our playgroup because we kinda take over the class.  I'm pretty sure the swim instructor thinks we all talk way too much.
Our fearless toddler had fun in his first class and actively embraced most of the activities until he reached a breaking point of exhaustion about 45 minutes into the one-hour class. He learned how to go under the water:

Palmer didn't seem to mind too much about going under but needs to learn to not swallow so much water in the process. He was also taught to reach for the side of the pool, jump into the pool, and kick his legs.
Couple that with a few "Ring Around the Rosies" and "Wheels on the Bus" and it was a rompin' good time.

Floating on the back is not a current interest of Palmer's, but we hope that a few more lessons might convince him otherwise.

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