Monday, September 24, 2012


Palmer and I braved the friendly skies to visit Aunt Samantha in DC over the weekend.
Since Palmer is all about everything vehicular, you can imagine how much he LOVED the airport.
This wasn't Palmer's first flight, but the first since Palmer has become much more aware of the world.  I was pretty nervous because of the duration and the fact that Palmer doesn't exactly like to sit still.

Thankfully, he spent half of the flight like this...
And the rest of the air time busy busy busy with my magic bag of tricks.

Once in DC, Aunt Samantha didn't spoil Palmer at all.  Nope.  Not. At. All.
Palmer on Samantha's posh Georgetown stoop:

We had such a good trip (despite the fact that I lost my wallet on a walk and fretted all weekend about how I was going to get thru TSA without any identification.)

Samantha was so sweet to plan fun activities like this street market complete with a petting zoo.
Even if Palmer preferred to run people over using his stroller instead...
It was delightful to spend a good chunk of the weekend catching up with my dear friend from NBC, Kelly.  Kelly said she is hoping Samantha's DC presence will help to steer us up north more often than every two years.  You are probably right, Kelly!
Going on an urban "hike" by the Potomac River:
We love you, Aunt Samantha, and can't wait to see you in another month or so.

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  1. Can we get a tour of Aunt Samantha's posh pad? I'm sure it's stunning!

    P.S. You guys look great. Palmer gets cuter everytime I see a photo of him. (If that's even possible).