Monday, February 25, 2013

Elmo's House

I scored two free second row tickets and a parking pass to the biggest concert in Dallas last weekend.  At least, the biggest concert in my son's world....Sesame Street Live!
Before the show, I had no idea if Palmer would be old enough to sit still for the production.  But since I got the tickets for free, I figured we had nothing to lose.

All day Saturday, we talked about how we were going to go to "Elmo's house" after nap time.  On the drive to the theater, Palmer was so excited.  He kept asking, "Where's Elmo's house?"
 Palmer wanted to hold Elmo's hand...
Every show needs cotton candy.
To my delight, Palmer adored the show.
I think it helped that we were in the second row and the characters were practically in his lap. I wonder if he would have been as enamored if we were in one of the upper balconies.

Nevertheless, Palmer kept waving, "Hi Elmo! Hi Big Bird! Hi Abby!" as the characters walked by.
 In this photo, you can kinda see Palmer waving:
Me and my hot date:

Special thanks to my new blogging friend, Arena, for the tickets.  You can check out her entertaining adventures at The Nerd's Wife.


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